Wang Koh-San


Wang Koh-San is an artist entering a competition, and is also a friend of Lee Pai Long. A small happy-go-lucky comic relief character he has come to GlassHill Valley for inspiration for the competition, but once there he learns of Wyler's Elixir and thinks that it will interest Lee. Wang travels with his pet Pelican, Hoeh-Hoeh. So far, he has only appeared in Art of Fighting 3 but Wang made a cameo appearance in a background in KOF 2002.
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Art of Fighting 3


Card Fighters Clash 2


Page Updated:  Sept. 4th, 2013

Wang is pretty much one of those "what the hell?" designs. He's small, fat, and wears a goofy awkward backpack that he wears while fighting. Unique for sure, but not a very exciting character... or one that fits into the series very well. 

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