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Vertigo is a deity of sorcery, mysticism, and insanity. With her mesmerizing powers of mind control and mastery of the unknown, she has attained mythical proportions among her followers. Vertigo's followers are loyal and their devotion is complete, fanatical and blind. She believes the defeat of all other dino-beasts for Urth domination can only be accomplished by utilizing her sorcery and the power of her devout followers... if she doesn't destroy their minds first.

Vertigo's ending from Primal Rage is written as follows:
Long ago a sorceress named Vertigo appeared from another dimension. Then, in a great magical battle during the Mesozoic Wars, Vertigo was banished to the moon by the arch mage Balsafas. The meteor crash, however, has weakened the old shields enough for her to return and enslave the planet once again.
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Primal Rage

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Page Updated:  Aug. 21st, 2012

I'm pretty sure Vertigo was my favorite character to use in Primal Rage. He had all those long range strikes due to his long neck. Out of all the Primal Rage characters, he's also one of the most original and memorable.

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