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Trish, who bears a great resemblance to Dante's deceased mother Eva, is a creation of Mundus. As a result of her demonic nature she possesses several supernatural abilities, like superhuman strength and lightning powers. In the first Devil May Cry, she hires Dante to help stop Mundus' plan to conquer the human world by opening a gate to the demon world on Mallet Island. Later in the game Dante learns that she is a servant of Mundus, and that her resemblance to Eva was part of a plan to lure Dante to the island so that Mundus' servants can kill him.

However, she develops feelings for Dante and helps him defeat Mundus. In the epilogue to Devil May Cry, she and Dante are shown working together as partners out of the renamed "Devil Never Cry" office. In the DMC anime, she has since gone solo but sometimes reappears to work with Dante, who has given her an open invitation to come back at any time. 

Trish reappears in Devil May Cry 4 partnering with Dante once again. She disguises herself as Gloria, an executive of the Holy Knights. She reaches this high position shortly after joining the cult by presenting Sanctus with the Sparda sword, for which some members appear to be suspicious of her. She eventually reveals her identity when Sanctus attempts to complete a demonic structure known as the "Savior".
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Marvel VS Capcom 3

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Cardfighters Clash DS, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3

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Page Updated:  Sept. 28th, 2014

Yes, Trish is a hottie... but being "hot" can only get you so far as a design. She strikes me as a pretty generic design. Besides her weapons, there's not much that's really imaginative about her. She's just a got blonde in a corset and black spandex pants. I've definitely seen more interesting goth girls. Speaking of generic, I find it comical how similar Trish's outfit is to X-23's.

To be frank, I would've rather seen pretty much any other classic Capcom babe take her slot in MVC3 / UMVC3, but I agree it's cool to have both Dante and Trish in the same game. Besides being a hot, blonde, generic goth girl... there's not much to her design. She's somewhat fun to use, but her fighting style also kinda bores me overall. Sorry DMC fans... I just don't see the magic.

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