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Daughter of Tantalus Raven, on of the Seven, Taria seeks claim to an evil throne.
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Mace: The Dark Age




Page Updated:  March 10th, 2014

Ohhh what would a fighting game be without the token blonde chick? Visually, Taria is a very straight-forward, generic for a female swordsman. Her dual-sword fighting style in game is fairly decent... and speaking of "token blondes," Taria actually has a throw using her legs similar to Cammy's and Sonya Blade's, and multiple kicks like Sarah Bryant. Not sure if it's purely a coincidence, but it seems like the designers planned this. 

Taria's a bit of a cliche as a design... but I have to give the designers props for giving her attractive female proportions. Considering other females rendered in 3D games of the time, Taria is at least built like a female. That's actually an achievement considering the technology at the time. lol. 

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