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The cousin of Bruce Banner, Jennifer Susan Walters was a small and somewhat shy daughter of Los Angeles County Sheriff William Morris Walters and Elaine (nee Banner) Walters (who died in a car crash when Jennifer was seventeen). Operatives of Nicholas Trask, a crime boss who had crossed paths with her father, shot and seriously wounded her on a day that Bruce Banner happened to be in town for a visit. Since no other donors with her blood type were available, Banner provided his own blood for a transfusion; as they already shared the same blood type and DNA, his radioactive blood, combined with her anger transformed Jennifer into the green-skinned She-Hulk when the mobsters tried to finish her off at the hospital.

As She-Hulk, Jennifer possesses powers similar to those of her cousin, though at a reduced level. She also possesses a less monstrous, more amazonian appearance. Initially, the transformation to her She-Hulk form was triggered (as with Bruce Banner's) by anger. Like her cousin Bruce, his counterpart, the Leader, Doc Samson, and most other persons mutated by exposure to Gamma Radiation over the years, her mutated form was originally explained as being molded by her subconscious desire to look like the ideal woman. She eventually gains control of her transformations when Michael Morbius cures her of a lethal blood disease. As a criminal defense lawyer, she defended Dr. Michael Morbius in his trial for his vampiric killings.

Eventually, Jennifer decides that she is going to retain her She-Hulk form permanently -- preferring the freedom, confidence, and assertiveness that it gave her compared to her more timorous and fragile "normal" form. After her brief solo career, she joined the Avengers. This led to her being transported to Battleworld by the Beyonder and her participation in the Secret Wars, most notable for sparking her long standing rivalry with the newly empowered Titania. After the heroes returned to Earth, she temporarily replaced the Thing as a member of the Fantastic Four.

During her tenure with the Fantastic Four, She-Hulk had to prevent a radiation leak in a downed S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. This radiation exposure had a drastic effect on Jennifer: she could no longer transform back into her original human form. However, this was an agreeable turn of events for her, since she preferred being She-Hulk, and it was revealed much later that the block was purely psychological. Shortly after that, she appeared before the Supreme Court, where she battled Titania again.
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Marvel VS Capcom 3

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Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3

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Page Updated:  May 2nd, 2013

I've been a big Marvel fan since my childhood, but even so, I never cared much for She-Hulk. Her fighting style in MVC3 isn't bad, but I was expecting a bit more. Her super move where she throws a freakin' car at her opponent is pretty epic though. ;)

In my opinion, she pales in comparison to many of the VS Series classics... which is the main reason for her score being so low. It's just that there are MANY other "powerhouses" from the Marvel universe that I would've rather seen in MVC3... and I know I'm not the only one. 

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