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Raoh was orphaned at a young age after his mother died in a fire. After being sent away from the Land of Asura as a boy by Jukei, Raoh and Toki were adopted by Ryuken. Raoh trained hard under Ryuken, filled with desire to become the strongest. But this desire burned out of control. He asked his brother that should he ever go too far, that he take him out.

When Kenshiro was chosen as the Hokuto Shin Ken successor, Raoh broke the 1800-year Hokuto law by refusing to give up the Hokuto style. He killed Ryūken when the old man tried to stop him from misusing the Hokuto style. Raoh left the Hokuto dojo and took the name of Ken-o. He united many under his banner through fear and respect, including the likes of Jagi, Amiba, Uighur, Yuda, Ryūga, and Akashachi. Raoh and his forces also conquered the legendary stronghold Cassandra and used it to imprison many martial artists, whose secret scrolls had been stolen by Raoh in order to perfect the ultimate fist.

After Cassandra was destroyed and Toki was rescued by Kenshiro, Rei of the Nanto Suicho Ken style tried to stop Raoh. However, Raoh struck him down with a vicious, fatal blow. Kenshiro also fought him, but almost died and was saved by Rei. Toki also failed to stop Raoh. Kenshiro unlocked the secret of the Muso Tensei technique, proving to be the ultimate Hokuto fighter in 1800 years. When Raoh learned that Yuria was alive, he captured her and discovered she was dying. This sadness enabled Raoh to also learn Hokuto's Muso Tensei. Kenshiro's spirit, however, contained many of his friends' and rivals', where as Raoh only had Toki's and thus could not defeat Kenshiro. As his last deed as Fist King, Raoh sent his life energy into the air, bringing light back to the land.

Hokuto No Ken


Hokuto No Ken: Raoh Gaiden


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