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Ned The Janitor
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Ned the Janitor is an alternate skin of Xiao Long. He is playable in Mace: The Dark Age with the use of a cheat code, and replaces Xiao Long on the character select screen. Ned the Janitor is armed with a push broom, and is not afraid to use it.


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Page Updated:  Aug. 1st, 2014

One of Mace: The Dark Age's most memorable attributes is its huge selection of unlockable (and secret) characters. Along with Pojo the chicken, Ned the Janitor is one of the true "secret" characters in the game. He isn't much more than a ridiculous and random "palette swap" for Xiao Long, and seems like he was an inside joke for the developers. Nonetheless, seeing Ned the Janitor square off against some of the more serious Medieval fighters was fairly entertaining back in the day. Furthermore, Ned the Janitor VS Pojo (the chicken) almost seems like it could be a realistic bout... too bad there isn't a secret public restroom stage in Mace: The Dark Age. lol

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