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Kadonashi Shotaro
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He is the grandmaster of the Kadonashi Dojo. In pursuit of the, "American dream," he traveled to the U.S. from Japan and opened his very own Dojo. Kadonashi is not fluent in English. The Karate style that Kadonashi uses is Kyokushinkai. A lot of his moves are also based on Tekken's Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima's fighting styles.
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Urban Reign




Page Updated:  April 2nd, 2014

Kadonashi has a variety of Kazuya's and Jin's moves, making him an instantly likeable character for Tekken players. That alone makes him an awesome fan service right off the bat. He's actually one of the initial things that got me interested in Urban Reign. I could tell by one of the early screenshots that Kadonashi was indeed in Kazuya's stance! (Before then, there wasn't any news that Urban Reign was actually going to borrow anything from Tekken). So when I finally saw Kadonashi in action.... I was hype. Very hype.

He's a somewhat generic-looking fighter, but his default Karate Gi is pretty cool looking. Like most characters from Urban Reign, his fighting style could either make him or break him. Thankfully, he turned out being a fun character to use in the game and represents Karate exceptionally well.

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