Fen Barefoot


Fen was taken in by his grandfather after the death of his parents and the two made a living by fishing. One day, Fen encountered Mondo, who had been injured. He and his grandfather tended to his wounds and in return, Mondo taught Fen some techniques in spearfighting. When he left, Genma visited Fen's home. He knew of Mondo's stay and demanded his whereabouts. When his grandfather told him he was no longer present, Genma killed him. Fen then formed a team with Puella Marionette and Lancelot Lakeknight and entered the fourth Toshinden tournament to take revenge on Genma, who was also participating.

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Battle Arena Toshinden 4




Page Updated:  Sept. 14th, 2013

I gotta admit, that pig is pretty cute... easily my favorite part of this design. Why? Well, during gameplay, that fat little pig just aimlessly walks around as if he doesn't give two shits about the fight that's going on. ^o^ F*cking funny stuff.

Maybe that pig should've been a secret unlockable character in Toshinden 4 (lol jk)? Would've improved the roster... lol. Anyway, onto Fen! Fen is definitely the only fighting game character that fights alongside a pig, so he gets some free originality points there. His fighting style consists of some pretty generic staff moves - stuff I've seen other fighting game characters perform a lot better. He does have a few decent special moves, but nothing that exciting. While he adds some variety, Fen wasn't that great of a design in the Toshinden series. His in-game character model was also pretty horrible, especially his face. O_O

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