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There was a dark, hidden place that sunlight barely ever touched. That was Miser's favorite place. There in darkness--was that a gold coin giving off a faint glow? But beware! The bloodied blade of "Red Crow", her weapon choice, was shining alongside it.

Miser was part of a band of thieves that traveled the world, but few knew fact. Even fewer knew of the organization, which was shrouded almost completely in mystery. Miser's upbringing, the master who trained her in swordsmaship, the circumstances surrounding her becoming a thief... these are all untold tales, as mysterious as the organization she belongs to. Of course, the name "Miser" was not real name, and it was unlikely that her real name would ever become known. Everywhere she goes, she takes gold and lives, the momentary gleam of her weapon in the moonlight being the only sign of her passing. Miser is referred to as "Number Five" within her organization and views her colleague Greed as a rival. Her group opposes Yoshimitsu's Manjitou.
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Soul Calibur 3




Page Updated:  Jan. 18th, 2014

She's a fairly decent design visually and represented the Katana & Shuriken fighting style in SC3 pretty well... Although, that fighting style is one of the most unrealistic & unpractical styles ever seen in the SC series. lol. Clearly, Miser isn't nearly one of the  best SC3 characters, but as a "bonus character," she wasn't terrible.

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