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John Crawley is a martial arts instructor, and with his brutal and aggressive fighting style was known to his friends as "The Madman" and "The killing Machine." He enters the tournament to win the prize money and test his skills.

In the first AOF, Crawley has longer hair. By the time AOF2 occurs, his hair is cut shorter. Crawley also has been compared to Guile because of their similar hair color, special moves, and military motifs. In John's AOF2 ending, the US Military attempts to recruit him to rescue the President's canary, named Tweeter. John refuses, telling the General "Hasta la vista!"
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Page Updated:  Feb. 11th, 2012

Seems like SNK had some trouble thinking up their own character designs in the early days and wanted their own "blonde-haired American army guy" for their fighting game... AKA subtly rip-off a new fighting game icon, Guile. If, somehow, John wasn't an intentional rip-off of Guile, he still sucks as a design anyway. lol.

It's also very ironic that Capcom created Charlie in the later SFA series, who has a similar attire/color scheme to John (but much cooler hair of course). Was this Capcom's answer to Mr. Crawley? Knowing Capcom, it's entirely possible.

Just to sate the obvious, he is a visually bland and generic design all around. I think SNK realized it as well, which is why they never bothered bringing this fool back. I find it funny that he looks a bit like Wesker in AOF2, but can't hold a candle to him in terms of coolness.

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